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What if I have a life insurance policy from another country?

If you have a life insurance policy from another country, you have to check if and how they pay out in the case that you pass away in the U.S. (or another country besides where your life insurance company is based). In addition, if you have any healthcare riders, it is important to check if they cover illness that occur outside of that country and what proof or evidence they need in order to activate the coverage. Most often, if the life insurance company does cover healthcare occurrences outside of their home country, they will need verification by a physician of their home country to verify that the insured does indeed have the healthcare issue that is covered by their policy. The U.S. is one of the countries that have the longest life insurance history, which means that (1) the products are more evolved, (2) the companies more financially solid, (3) life insurance regulation is more heavily monitored and standardized, and (4) cost of insurance is efficient due to financial strength and product evolution. If you own life insurance from another country, you can ask your Amplify Advisor to help you review the policy and compare the policy with the leading carriers in the U.S. to find either a more cost efficient premium for the same amount of coverage or coverage that is more suitable for residing in the U.S.

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