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Can I choose policies based on my risk tolerance?

Yes, you may choose the income strategy within the policy. The three available strategies are: Whole life: a fixed monthly interest rate for your cash value that usually lies between 3.5-5%. In addition, these whole life products can produce annual dividends depending on the profitability of the life insurance company. Dividends can be used to reduce premium, can be paid out in cash, or be used to purchase additional insurance thus increasing cash value. This strategy is for policyholders with a conservative risk tolerance. Indexed universal life: crediting to the accumulation value is based on market indexes such as the S&P 500, or other national and international indexes. Returns are subject to caps and/or participation rates. The minimum floor is often zero. This strategy is for policyholders with moderate risk tolerance. Variable universal life: a portion of premiums paid can be invested in sub-accounts offering various crediting options typically based on mutual funds (within the available funds list of that particular carrier). This strategy is for policyholders with high risk tolerance. Most carriers will offer the multiple versions of the three strategies. If you need help finding the best product type for you, please consult with one of our licensed experts to better understand which strategy is best for you.

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